How I turned a deadly plant into a thriving business


Green entrepreneur

The water hyacinth may look like a harmless, even beautiful flowering plant — but it’s actually an invasive aquatic weed that clogs waterways, stopping trade, interrupting schooling and disrupting everyday life. In this scourge, green entrepreneur Achenyo Idachaba saw opportunity. Follow her journey as she turns weeds into woven wonders.


Why great architecture should tell a story

For architect Ole Scheeren, the people who live and work inside a building are as much a part of that building as concrete, steel and glass. He asks: Can architecture be about collaboration and storytelling instead of the isolation and hierarchy of a typical skyscraper? Visit five of Scheeren’s buildings — from a twisted tower in China to a floating cinema in the ocean in Thailand — and learn the stories behind them.


Let’s design social media that drives real change

Internet activist and computer engineer
Wael Ghonim helped touch off the Arab Spring in his home of Egypt … by setting up a simple Facebook page. As he reveals, once the revolution spilled onto the streets, it turned from hopeful to messy, then ugly and heartbreaking. And social media followed suit. What was once a place for crowdsourcing, engaging and sharing became a polarized battleground. Ghonim asks: What can we do about online behavior now? How can we use the Internet and social media to create civility and reasoned argument?


La sfida di Singapore per trasformare un’ex linea ferroviaria in un parco

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Internship at Sand & Birch Studio

Interns at Sand & Birch

At Sand & Birch Design Studio, our interns work on projects that matter – and your team will rely on your skills and insights to help deliver those projects to market. You’ll get the opportunity to work on real projects and have fun along the way. This is your chance to show off your skills and work on design, architecture and graphic design. We offer internships in all job families and product areas. Imagine yourself as a Sand & Birch  intern. Join Sand & Birch Deisng today, and help us shape the business of tomorrow.

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Pictoplasma Festival 2016: Call for Submissions


The 2016 Pictoplasma Festival is calling for submissions to be featured as part of the official 2016 Festival screening programs. The Pictoplasma Festival brings freshly hatched characters to the big screen, whisking the audience around the world in newly curated programmes of selected eye-candy, psychedelia, and outstanding storytelling, with many of the international studio and filmmakers present for Q&A rounds after each screening. The deadline for entries is February 1, 2016.

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