Could a grid of giant filters help clean up Delhi’s polluted air?

Dubai-based architecture studio Znera has developed a concept for a network of towers that would absorb smog. Photograph: Znera/World Architecture Festival


Thinking big in the fight against smog, architects have designed 100m-high pollution-absorbing towers for India’s capital city

The Indian capital regularly tops lists of the most polluted cities on earth and its residents even refer to the months when a confluence of events – crop burning, no rain, fireworks – leads to low visibility and breathability as “smog season”.

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The Clock review – ‘The longer you watch it, the more addictive it becomes’

 Christian Marclay’s epic work – a clock created from film clips that tells the actual time – ought to be bleak. But time really does fly when you watch this 24-hour miracle

Time’s up … Christian Marclay’s The Clock. Photograph: White Cube


It’s 8.10am and I’m late for my appointment at Tate Modern. I watch the faces of passengers as the train pulls into London Bridge. It’s a Monday and the time is going too fast. One man sweats as he checks his watch. On his way to a bank heist, perhaps.

I didn’t think any of that on my train at the time, though. I revisited my journey after sinking into a white sofa and watching The Clock, Christian Marclay’s epic montage of film clips featuring clockfaces that tells the actual time. Only then, gazing at the cinema screen that’s been built at Tate Modern, did I understand that everyone on a rush-hour train is united by something magical: we’re all sharing the same instant in time.

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Costumed canines by William Wegman – in pictures

Igor or Ivan

Since the 1970s, the American artist William Wegman has photographed his dogs in a variety of poses; now a collection of his Polaroids is being exhibited in the UK for the first time. The series started with Man Ray, named after the surrealist artist, followed by Fay Ray and several generations of her puppies. All of them are Weimaraners: “As pointer-retrievers, they have an innate ability to hold still and focus,” explains Wegman.

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Zaha Hadid’s only house in Russian forest

New photographs and a movie reveal Zaha Hadid’s only completed private residence – a house in the Barvikha Forest near Moscow, for a man she called the “Russian James Bond”.

The late Iraqi-British architect designed Capital Hill Residence for businessman and philanthropist Vladislav Doronin, who runs property companies Capital Group and OKO Group, and is also the owner of luxury hotel and resort brand Aman.

The house’s defining feature is a master suite set atop a slender concrete stalk that raises it high above the tree canopy.

Set 22 metres above the ground, this element of the design offers Doronin complete seclusion. Glazed walls, tucked back from the edge of the floor to create two balconies, afford views out over the tree tops.

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Future Vision of Fashion: Customization of Outfit for Every Individual

Sand & Birch Design Studio plans to walk out from the ‘old fashioned’ stage of mass production by adding customization feature

Mass production has been the final goal of design industry for the majority in global market. Despite of its lower cost and efficiency that bring along great economy interest, it however results in wasted resources and limitation of designer’s creativity and choices of outfits for individuals. Those results are indeed not what we what to see regardless to the benefit mass production can bring. So why don’t we change this phenomenon to break the limit?

Customization of outfit for every individual according to their body information

Curve of woman. Graphic by Sand & Birch.

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What to see at Paris Design Week 2018

As summer draws to a close, the design calendar starts filling up and Paris Design Week’s autumn edition is always a highlight. This year, the week’s cornerstone event Maison et Objet fair is restructuring its layout to align with its core themes, ‘Maison’ and ‘Objet’. Meanwhile in town, the fair’s young talent show Le Off moves to a temporary art venue owned by the national railway company SNCF, while in galleries, designers celebrate new launches and group shows, with a focus on Lebanese design appearing across the board. Here’s our edit of five exhibitions to look out for..

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Royal Academy to be flooded with water and mud for Gormley exhibit

Details of 2019 programme include Phyllida Barlow show and Lucian Freud self-portraits

Antony Gormley’s Lost Horizon will be one of the works featured in his major solo exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in 2019. Photograph: Royal Academy of Arts

One of the Royal Academy of Arts’ historic main galleries is to be flooded with water and mud for a major solo exhibition devoted to the work of Antony Gormley.

Other spaces will be “engineered” to take some of the more technically challenging works made by an artist best known for landmark public sculptures, such as the Angel of the North, and the casts of his body which are installed across the world from Crosby beach to the Austrian Alps.

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Stockholm’s revamped ArkDes centre champions design’s role in public life

New exhibition and project space put spotlight on civic activism and emerging voices

Sweden’s national centre for architecture and design, ArkDes, has long been overlooked, tucked at the back of Stockholm’s mighty Moderna Museet. Until recently, the centre’s future was uncertain, but its British-born director is now making changes to the building and programme that aim to put it at the forefront of national debates.

The Boxen gallery at the Modern Museet will have displays of radical new design. Photo: Johan Dehlin, courtesy of ArkDes

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Tŷ Pawb review – an art gallery that truly is everybody’s house

A covered market in Wrexham has welcomed a new exhibition and performance space in an understated revamp that unites art and commerce

There was a time when you would have known what to expect of a lottery-funded art gallery in a middle-sized town like Wrexham. It might have been a new building, or at least a conspicuously transformed old one, standing alone, its architecture making some sort of statement about its cultural contemporariness. It would probably have had more space than it really needed, a sign of optimism that it would grow to fill it. If that town also had, as Wrexham did, something like a 1990s covered market that was struggling to function as originally envisaged, that would have been a separate problem. But times have changed. Local authorities have less money to spend than they did on running things like art galleries. Ingenuity is called for. So, in the case of Wrexham, they addressed both questions at once. They put the new premises for the town’s Oriel Gallery inside the covered market.

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Home Design At a Glance

Home Design At a Glance: More Than The Look

Quality of our living place has always been the most important element to our life. However, more than just having a good looking home, a home design that can speak for you, is by some means an alternative pursue a high quality of living in the level of intellectual communication.

For premium home design

Roxanne Armchair by Sand & Birch Design

This communication could be serious, interesting, ironic, or even personal. Take Roxanne Armchair by Sand & Birch Design as example, despite its iconic red curved lips, Roxanne also ironically represents the immerse of desire and the pursue of pleasure nowadays in the society.

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