Could a grid of giant filters help clean up Delhi’s polluted air?

Dubai-based architecture studio Znera has developed a concept for a network of towers that would absorb smog. Photograph: Znera/World Architecture Festival


Thinking big in the fight against smog, architects have designed 100m-high pollution-absorbing towers for India’s capital city

The Indian capital regularly tops lists of the most polluted cities on earth and its residents even refer to the months when a confluence of events – crop burning, no rain, fireworks – leads to low visibility and breathability as “smog season”.

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Future Vision of Fashion: Customization of Outfit for Every Individual

Sand & Birch Design Studio plans to walk out from the ‘old fashioned’ stage of mass production by adding customization feature

Mass production has been the final goal of design industry for the majority in global market. Despite of its lower cost and efficiency that bring along great economy interest, it however results in wasted resources and limitation of designer’s creativity and choices of outfits for individuals. Those results are indeed not what we what to see regardless to the benefit mass production can bring. So why don’t we change this phenomenon to break the limit?

Customization of outfit for every individual according to their body information

Curve of woman. Graphic by Sand & Birch.

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Have a great shower while saving water and energy with Flow Loop

Lloyd Alter


Flow Loop introduces a new closed loop shower that will bring back one of life’s little pleasures: a long hot wet shower.

Showers use a lot of water and it takes a lot of energy to heat that water, so the trend has been toward low flow shower heads; in much of the world they are the law. Long hot showers are, for many people, a guilty memory.

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