Can you get to know a person through data alone?

That’s the challenge two designers set themselves with a year-long exchange of hand-drawn infographics

Data design

One of the data postcards that Stefanie Posavec and Giorgia Lupi sent over the course of a year. Photograph: Stefanie Posavec/Penguin Random House


Stefanie Posavec had quite a week. She said “fuck” 66 times, “asshole” 12 times and let rip with “shit” on no fewer than 13 occasions. Not that I was counting. She was. And what’s more, she plotted it on a postcard for all the world to see.

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Shape-shifting tech will change work as we know it

What will the world look like when we move beyond the keyboard and mouse? Interaction designer Sean Follmer is building a future with machines that bring information to life under your fingers as you work with it. In this talk, check out prototypes for a 3D shape-shifting table, a phone that turns into a wristband, a deformable game controller and more that may change the way we live and work.

Human-computer interaction researcher and designer