Blueside - Emotional Design

Design by Sand & Birch

Suggestions by Sand & Birch for Blueside – Emotional Design, a brand with a deep knowledge in the processing of glass that stands for creativity, high quality and for poetry that its products express. “Blueside catalogue does not provide products, but solutions to find emotion”. Have a look to the products for Dining an for the Living room we have designed for them: Buona Idea! pasta holder, Caffè Q demitasses with soucer, Finger Glass chopsticks set, Quada Chair and Zeno Table.

Buona Idea!

Pasta Holder


A “Buona idea!” (“Good idea!”) is coming from Sand & Birch’s studio designers working for BLUESIDE – Emotional Design, to preserve and at the same time “show off” the pasta, basic element of mediterranean traditions. The lamp-shaped jar is thought to be functional and intuitive, and it comes from directly from the pureness of the material itself.
Pasta holder “Buona idea!” is a handcrafted piece, realized in blown borosilicate glass.

Designer: Olivia Cornall – Sand & Birch

Product name: BUONA IDEA pasta container

Material: borosilicate glass 3.3

Dimensions: dxh 200x300mm


Coffee Q

A couple of demitasses whit soucer


A couple of white ceramic demitasses with saucer. Slightly larger than the standard size, particularly suitable for those who love espresso coffee in a wider cup.

Product name: CAFFE’ Q
Material: white ceramic
Dimensions: saucer LxDxH 138x138x10 mm; cup LxDxH  72x65x58 mm




Finger Glass

Borosilicate glass chopsticks


A couple of chopsticks handmade from borosilicate glass with a convenient, porcelain holder/sauce dish with essential lines. This set emphasizes the precious nature of the object, and suggests the use of the chopsticks not just for typically oriental dishes, but also for foods closer to Mediterranean tastes, such as raw fish and Italian-style sushi. The glass chopsticks are available in either clear or frosted glass.

Product name: FINGER GLASS SET
Material: porcelain, borosilicate glass
Dimensions: tray LxDxH 130x90x14 mm;
smooth chopsticks in borosilicate glass dxl 7×200 mm


Quada Chair

Wooden chair


The Quada chair is made in stained wood with an open black grain. It has a highly evocative, essential design, reminiscent of an object that is hand carved from the trunk of a mighty tree. Quada has a comfortable seat, wider than standard sizes, and can be used either at the table or for moments of relaxation.

Product name: QUADA Chair
Material: Wood with black stain with open grain
Dimensions: chair lxdxh  545x400x900 mm





Small table


A small table made in super clear glass, with fine handcrafted ceramic feet.
It reminds one of the water of a river that flows slowly over a bed of pebbles washed smooth over time.
It evokes natural sensations of purity and essentiality, inspiring meditation.
A simple idea expressed in a clean and minimal way. Zeno is a piece of furniture with a sophisticated and suggestive impact, thanks to the play of transparency and volume of glass leaning on ceramic feet.
Available with white or black feet.

Product name: ZENO Coffee table

Material: Super clear glass, White or black ceramic

Dimensions: lxdxh 812x500x402 mm