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Dinosaur Leftover & Chaise Longue

Double chaise longue is an ironic yet playful object of Sand & Birch. It began with a question, “how primitives might elegantly have a nap after long and exhausting hunting and fruit picking days?”, an answer followed, “a huge dinosaur bone abandoned by a predator…”. This is the story of Double.


Cover  Leather

Padding  Stress resistant, expanded polyurethane

Structure  Wood

Dimensions (cm)  L197 x W60 x H68

Foam covering Fixed cover

Design Year 2013

more / custom options

Double chaise longue is covered with leather with big leather seams at the edges along the sides stitched by Italian artisans. While having a bone shape, Double still serve as a luxury furniture piece–where you might elegantly have a nap.

Custom Options

Cover material  Alternative leather or fabric available
Cover colour  Upon the colour/treatment available with the assigned material
Stitching Alternative colour available