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Home Design At a Glance: More Than The Look

Quality of our living place has always been the most important element to our life. However, more than just having a good looking home, a home design that can speak for you, is by some means an alternative pursue a high quality of living in the level of intellectual communication.

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Roxanne Armchair by Sand & Birch Design

This communication could be serious, interesting, ironic, or even personal. Take Roxanne Armchair by Sand & Birch Design as example, despite its iconic red curved lips, Roxanne also ironically represents the immerse of desire and the pursue of pleasure nowadays in the society.

Double Chaise longue

Double Chaise Lounge by Sand & Birch Design

The other example is simply interesting for its inspiration of form. ” Did you ever wonder about how primitives might elegantly have a nap after long and exhausting hunting and fruit picking days?” The form of Double Chaise Lounge by Sand & Birch answers this question: “Napping on a huge dinosaur bone abandoned by its predator.” That is the story behind this elegant couch decorated by high-class leather!


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