Diamond Sofa

Diamond Sofa Diamond Sofa is a precious sofa, entirely realised in mirror-like aluminium with a central stripe “studded” with Swarovsky crystals. Its spiral shape ends with a Led lamp on one side. It’s one of the first creations by Samanta Snidaro and Andrea Fino and maybe it’s the most precious object of the whole Sand & Birch’s collection. It’s been conceived not as a usual seat but as a true jewel to adornate an important house. Designers’ wish was to create an object able to inspire pure luxury. Diamond Sofa is the highest expression of a project Sand & Birch is pursuing, in which objects lose their proper primitive functions to acquire other meanings. In this way, the Diamond sofa becomes predominantly an expression of aesthetical values. Diamond Sofa is manufactured in limited and numbered edition. Dim: H90(190)x100x150xm Designers: Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro

Glossy Lipstick Sofa

Glossy Lipstick Sofa Glossy Lipstick Sofa is made by Sand & Birch as a playfully provocation, as a “détournement”. We designed an intentionally bold and extreme piece in order to mock the excess of “glossy” dominating in advertisings and in consumers’ flattened imagination: a world where everything is pink, soft, feminine and, as already said, “glossy”. Glossy Lipstick’s impudence, its generous shape, the strong visual impact of design and colour are used to offer an ironic answer to rhetorical estrangement produced (and induced) by advertisements inviting consumers to surround themselves with glossy and sparkling objects, being as beautiful as empty, with no soul and history. Designers: Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro

Liuba Chaise longue

Liuba is a sculpture-lounge chair, characterized by a continue single volume and by flowing and fluent lines. Perfect for a relax lounge, it easily fits well also in gardens or by the poolside. Available in two versions: fiberglass or with steel structure covered with polyurethane and fabric finishings.

Dim: 190x60x60cm

Designers: Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro

Loraine Chaise longue

A soft, slender and cosy chaise-longue for cherishing yourself.
Loraine is a sinuous and gentle wave-shaped chaise longue, with a central concave seat evocating the roundness of an ancestral maternal womb, upon which lay down, abandon to relax and get into dreams. A universal concept, innate in everybody’s unconscious, that Sand & Birch has translated into matter thanks to a very pure and elegant design. Upholstered with velvet or microfiber, Loraine chaise longue has a wooden structure covered with differentiated density of polyurethane foam.

Lullaby Armchair

“a movement in the corner of the room” [The Cure]

Lullaby is a chair with a strong personality, dynamically taking up space with its slender and bent shapes.
Realized in varnished hard polyurethane or lacquered wood, and characterized by a wise, minimalist design giving to it a great movement and lightness, Lullaby is also a tribute to movie sets and suggestions belonging to our collective imagination, and the musical quote in its name is perfect for describing the energy concept of its shape.

Designers: Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro

Emma Green Armchair

Mrs. Emma Green is a trustworthy lady, quiet and staid; she’s an important landmark for the entire Green family, a group of young and lively girls. Margareth is as much solid and settled as her; she basically estimates her a lot, but doesn’t spare her from her punctual (or punctilious…) criticism. Her graceful and thin granddoughters, Lucy and Lucille love her deeply.
Odile is her family’s most elaborated character – but also the most flexible, adaptable and open minded; she likes keep company with Emma. Tessa is self-sufficient, versatile and reliable, and she envies Emma’s mundane mood. The laborious Anna and Adele, simple, linear and comfortable, love her so much!

You can see above a picture of Mrs. Emma Green: the surface finish of her wooden structure is oak, walnut, or zebrano. The high cushion in polyurethane is covered with cotton, microfiber or velvet.
Soon you will get to know the other members of the Green family.

Designers: Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro

Sophie Chair

A wiggly ribbon create an elegant spiral giving shape to Sophie, a chair with a light, smooth design.

Sophie by Sand & Birch is versatile and easy-fitting to any kind of room, thanks to the three versions we present, every one giving to this chair each time a different personality: linen fiber or bamboo for informal settings, full of familiar warmth, or high tech carbon-fiber for a minimalist elegance and a post-modern flavour.

Dim: H94x62x83cm

Designers: Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro

Phantom Chair

One of the most sophisticated and enigmatic pieces by Sand & Birch. Phantom – almost a sculpture – looks like a mistery chair covered with a sheet, waiting for being discovered, taking direct inspiration from covered furnitures in houses. A jewel of balance born by the contrast between the dynamism of its way to stand and the silent quietness evoked by the idea of sheets.
Phantom Chair is made of composite materials and is available in black or white.Dim: 95x56x82 cm

Designers: Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro

Roxanne Chair

Roxanne is another luxury and lustful creation from Sand & Birch: a flaming red-hot mouth is inviting you to sit and abandon yourself to day-dreams. Let you lie and rely on Roxanne’s curved lips, ready to hold your limbs in a sexy and ironic embrace.

Roxanne is a brilliant example of what Sand & Birch means for sculpture-design: an unusual re-interpretation of functional objects according to a personal vision of shapes and meanings.
Soft version in polyurethan and fabric, hard version in varnished polyurethane.

Designers: Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro

LU Chair

LU is an unusual seat, mixing differents suggestions. For sure, LU evokes organic and ancestral forms of life, featuring them in an elegant and precious way. But there’s also a lively tension going through its shape and volume, and this mix dinamically develops in a tonic muscular action. LU is made by a metallic structure, covered with polyurethane and upholsteres with Alcantara or fabric.

Designers: Andrea Fino e Samanta Snidaro

M'ama non m'ama Chair

A lover is plucking the petals off a daisy wondering about his/her love … From this image is born the “M’ama non m’ama” chair. Mirror-like aluminium structure and different coverings are the characteristics of this chair.

Designers: Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro


Sand & Birch make a digress in the world of kitchen accessories with WOW!!!, a series of pepper shakers for black, green, white, pink pepper and paprika.
Made in ceramic, roundish, funny and colorful, WOW!!! accessories are designed to add color and a little bit of hotness to your table.

Designers: Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro

Happy Potter

Happy Potter is a happy flower-pot loving to cuddle your favourite flowers.
It is colourful, playful, easy and always on a good mood. It smells like spring spirit.
Made of ceramic and available in various colours and many different decorations, Happy Potter will add a touch of freshness to every room, terrace and window.

Designers: Andrea Fino + Samanta Snidaro