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Selected Studio Projects
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Selected Studio Projects
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Diamond Soda by Sand & Birch
Soft Pipe Chaise Longue by Sand & Birch
Glossy Lipstick Sofa by Sand & Birch
Barubba by Sand & Birch
Velvet Sofa by Sand & Birch
Together Coffee Table
Diamond Sofa
Soft Pipe
Glossy Lipstick Sofa
Velvet Sofa

Featured wine cellar


``a wine cellar that is more like a piece of jewelry to the place it is settled in ...``

As there is a precious black stone carefully crafted into an ellipse by artisans, yet audaciously set in a white and smooth base, standing on its foothold elegantly with a quite magnificence it is hard to hide…

About Sand & Birch

Furniture, Architecture

artworks that containing play, rationality and story

Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro are designers and sculptors. Along with the request of their furniture and architecture works by around the world, in 2006, they co-founded the Sand & Birch Design Studio in Latina, Italy, which became a studio for their limited edition works and unprecedented experimentations in the creation of functional art… read more

Featured experimental work

Diamond Sofa

“it is a piece of jewellery for house”

Diamond Sofa is a precious sofa, entirely realised in mirror-like aluminium with a central stripe “studded” with Swarovsky crystals. Its spiral shape ends with a Led lamp on one side…

Featured furniture

Soft Pipe

“it is a naked woman dressed in gloves and boots…”

Soft Pipe chaise longue is one of the most iconic design objects of Sand & Birch, like other furniture of Sand & Birch, Soft Pipe is not only a piece of furniture but also a sensual sculpture…

OFT, Transformable House

Architecture project

Transformable House

adding, subtracting, transformable in time and space

The OFT can be a temporary house waiting for other accommodation, a holiday home, a home office to be placed in your garden, a room for your guests, a home for young people who can gradually increase their living space… more

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