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OFT, Transformable House

Transformable House

adding, subtracting, transformable in time and space

The OFT can be a temporary house waiting for other accommodation, a holiday home, a home office to be placed in your garden, a room for your guests, a home for young people who can gradually increase their living space… more

What is OFT?


The name OFT is taken from the word Loft. The OFT is actually of limited dimensions in its basic composition, but like the type of living space from which it derives its name, it is characterized by spaces and is adaptable to changeable needs of the user.

The OFT, transformable in time and space, is a highly changeable system which can easily comply with individual necessities. We have designed a home enabled to easily construct the different pieces and reassemble them throughout time, adding or subtracting elements, even temporarily. At a core basis, different environments are connected, and the budding home ‘grows’ according to the needs of the residents.

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The process can be reversible in that when you need less space or your needs change, the elements can be deleted, modified, or revised for the different intended use. You can buy, rent or exchange the pre-manufactured elements, containing power and utilities already installed. We offer accessories for the home that can be arranged within the ad hoc elements, which can be found in our catalogue.


There is a range of different sized elements, with external and internal finishes to choose from. Other developments may be added to the standard configuration, such as a hobby room, conservatory, squash court, indoor pool, etc.


With the intention of energy efficiency and sustainable construction, the OFT can adapt to the environment that surrounds it, ready to meet the physical and psychological needs of residents. The OFT meets requirements of comfort and wellbeing in the living environment, plus it reduces the environmental impact, fuel consumption, and emissions. It utilizes the collection of rainwater and promotes efficient water use, it uses environmentally friendly materials, favors natural light and uses solar power and home automation.


The dimensions of the elements included in the OFT are suitable for standard means of transportation. An important aspect of the system is the organization of storage elements to encourage their mobility and make them readily available.