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Samanta Snidaro and Andrea Fino
Sand & Birch Contract Division

Contract Division

Sand & Birch Contract Division values the soul of each project.

The studio partners designers and artists from worldwide in the development and creation of bespoke furniture, installations to reach the aesthetic, functionality, and quality requirements of projects with various cultural and business backgrounds.

Hospitality / Retails / Yachts          |            Museums / Theatres / Movies          |          Special / Private Projects

Hospitality, Retails & Yachts

We provide our original collection, bespoke and custom furniture, FF&E, as well as fit-out services upon request, for the rooms, indoor/outdoor public areas and spas of hospitality projects, showrooms and headquarters for retail brand projects, and the interior and deck space for yachts and cruise ship projects.

We work closely with architects and interior designers to develop the objects and furniture that can maximize the uniqueness and character of the original design concept for luxury hotels and yachts. Since it is not always easy to find the best-fit design solutions, in order to meet the final target, it is important to have efficient communication in and between the teams or even to reinterpret the client’s desires that can be vacillated sometimes.

Other than service-based projects, we are also delighted to participate the project at the early stages where there are the needs to define the art direction and to build the visual concept for the brand or corporate identity in order to turn the contact points into a place beyond its retail functionality–able to tell and embrace the story of the brand. Sand & Birch Contract Division aims to provide our clients with the greatest efforts in turning a concept into reality.


For luxury hotels, club houses, F&B, residences

Original furniture collection, wine cellar collection, bespoke and custom furniture/wine cellar, FF&E, scupltures/installations, wall decorations

For retail brands, corporate

Original furniture collection, bespoke and custom furniture, FF&E, custom decorative objects; interior branding services

For luxury yachts, cruise ships

Bespoke and custom furniture/wine cellar, FF&E, scupltures/installations, custom decorative objects; full interior design and fit-out services

Museums, theatres, movies

Sand & Birch is enthusiastic about all forms of arts, stories and related creations over various industries. Among them, theatre, art performance, artisitc and futuristic movie set… have especially been the very first initiatives for our founders to start designing their first object. Sand & Birch is always excited and honoured to participate in relevent projects where we can contribute to the great works where humanity and art are embraced.

We provide our original collection and custom furniture for museum, theatre and movie projects. Art direction and scene design services are also available upon requested or after discretion.


For museum

Original collection, bespoke and custom furniture, FF&E, scupltures/installations, custom decorative objects

For theatre, stage

Original collection, bespoke and custom furniture props, scene-use scupltures/installations; full stage design, scene design

For movie

Original collection, bespoke and custom furniture, FF&E, scene-use scupltures/installations; interior scene design

Special / private

Design and creation should have no limit, so as Sand & Birch Contract Division! The team is ready to accept challenges beyond the norm with backing consists of our unbounded creativity and solid experience in the design industry. Please feel free to send us an email and tell us about your project.

Contact the Contract Division Team

Align with the architects and clients – every detail matters:
study, develop and build the project

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