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studio pieces and limited edition that containing play, rationality and story

The most acknowledged works of Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro are one of their first experimentation work as an Italian designer furniture, Diamond Sofa, the sensual yet structurewise challenging chaise longue, Soft Pipe, as well as the precious jewel-liked art wine cellar, Opale. Most of the works of Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro are studio pieces and are in limited editions. Queries regarding the availability of the objects, please contact the studio. Queries regarding our wine cellars, please visit the wine cellar page here.

Diamond Sofa

“it is a piece of jewellery for house”

Diamond Sofa is a precious sofa, entirely realised in mirror-like aluminium with a central stripe “studded” with Swarovsky crystals. Its spiral shape ends with a Led lamp on one side…

Soft Pipe

“it is a naked woman dressed in gloves and boots…”

Soft Pipe chaise longue is one of the most iconic design objects as Italian furniture by Sand & Birch, like other furniture of Sand & Birch, Soft Pipe is not only a piece of furniture but also a sensual sculpture…

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