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Luxury Wine Cellars Collection

Perhaps it is more like a piece of jewelry to the place it is settled in than what it is defined for its high practical performance as a climatized wine cellar. As there is a precious black stone carefully crafted into an ellipse by artisans, yet audaciously set in a white and smooth base, standing on its foothold elegantly with a quite magnificence it is hard to hide. Such aesthetic revel from OPALE is indeed justifiable to explain why it is occasionally forgotten for what its function is.


Climatized zone number  One

Capacity  60 bottles

Dimensions (cm)  H215 x W138 x D55

Material Maple wood, stainless steel

Design Year  2009

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Despite the aesthetic value, the practical performance of OPALE also tells an unexpected story: the touch/remote control auto-door of OPALE is exclusively built in insulating glass, which ensures different levels of thermal and light insulation. The technological advancement behind the door is a fully self-operated regulation function of OPALE, which manages both the temperature and humidity specifically for red, white and sparkling wines, guarantees the preservations with different requirements. Last but not least, the LED lighting system of OPALE that lights up inside the cellar, allows the passionate wine collector to catch a glimpse of the precious bottles through the smoked glass door, which OPALE is taking gentle care of.

Custom Options

Surface finishing  Alternative colors available

LED  Alternative colors available

Sockets and voltage Upon country / request

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