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Luxury Wine Cellars Collection

REGENCY distinguishes itself for its sober and rigorous style, still, like the other wine cellars in the Luxury Wine Cellars Collection by Sand & Birch Luxury Design, it gives a great aesthetic impact with its mighty personality.

REGENCY can store up to 120 bottles and is manufactured with high-quality materials—maple, solid oak, stainless steel—to serve as a high performing climatized wine cellar to ensure the preservation of the stored wines.


Climatized zone number  One or Two

Capacity  120 bottles

Dimensions (cm) H218 x W67 x D60

Material Maple wood, stainless steel

Design Year 2010

more / custom options

It is equipped with a climatization system, which serves as the dominator in mandating temperature and humidity specifically for red, white and sparkling wines, guarantees the preservations with different requirements. LEDs illuminate the interior, assuring low energy consumption as well as its aesthetics.

Custom Options

Climatized zone number  One or two

Main body material  Alternative woods available

LED  Alternative colors available

Sockets and voltage Upon country / request